Our focus is on living amongst Muslims in places where no-one has previously made Jesus’ love known.

We are responding to God’s heart for all peoples and His call to be a blessing to the ends of the earth. Our role in this is to live out the love of Jesus in Muslim communities. We aspire to see people transformed by Jesus and in worshiping communities that are locally led and equipped for growth and multiplication.

What we do looks different in different places. Wherever we are there are core values that inform our approach and our work. But the Muslim world is very diverse and each team needs to work out how best to fulfil its calling in the place to which it is called. Teams have the freedom, within our core values, to seek God’s wisdom and direction for their own particular situation. Decisions are made closest to the action.

We are Diverse, but Unified

Like-minded people united in a common vision can achieve a lot more than individuals.Teams offer mutual support and complementary gifts. We place a high emphasis on training, mentoring and accountability provided by people with hands-on experience so that even younger or less experienced people can thrive and develop their leadership potential.

We are united in our commitment to live by Biblical truths, but seek to be gracious in embracing diversity. Go to our Statement of Faith

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We Partner with Home Churches

We believe it is the church’s responsibility to send people, so we place a high emphasis on partnering with the home churches of those that go. It is our focus to facilitate people and churches with a vision to serve God among the unreached and unengaged peoples of the Muslim world.