Perhaps you’ve only just started to think about overseas ministry in the Muslim world. Or maybe it’s been on your mind for some time, but you’re not sure how to move forward with it. Here are some ideas and resources to help you be intentional as you continue to explore what God might be leading you into.

   Read some books

Here are two titles that we recommend:

  • Across the Street and Around the World, by Jeannie Marie
  • You've Got Libya, by Greg Livingstone

Mentoring  Mentoring

Get some mentoring from someone in your church regarding your interest in overseas ministry. We have guidance available to help with this. Fill in the form below to ask for mentoring resources.

Attend an Islamics course  Attend an Islamics course

If you want to learn more about Islam and how to better engage with Muslims we can recommend some courses.

Get in touch  Get in touch

We always love to connect with people who have a heart for our work. If you have any questions or you just want to say hi, send us a message on the Contact Page

Mentoring  Go long term

We have a large number of teams living in around 50 countries. People who join Frontiers can either join an existing team or start a new team in an unreached area. Would you consider…

  • Joining a team of like-minded people and living in an unreached Muslim community.
  • Learning the language and engaging in the culture of the people you live amongst.
  • Using your giftings and vocational skills to bless the communities you live in.
  • Sharing the good news of Jesus and inviting people to follow Him.
  • Seeing people, families and communities transformed through Jesus, and worshipping, growing, healthy communities of his followers come into being.

Because the Muslim world is so large and diverse, Frontiers teams look different in different places. Each team works out how best to fulfil their calling to make disciples in the place they live. They are committed to helping their communities through things like teaching, running businesses, building wells, providing medical care, doing art, working as scientists and lots more.

We value the uniqueness of everyone who comes to us and we will strive to place you somewhere you will thrive.

If you are considering whether the Lord might use you to bring the good news of Jesus to the Muslim world let us know. We’d love to begin talking with you about joining or starting a new team.